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Dec 09
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Interview with Filmmaker Soudade Kaadan

1) What made you decide to become an independent filmmaker? I believe that our films change while we evolve through our experiences and context . We own our freedom while using our cinematic language & dare to question each film , our beliefs and how we narrate story. We obtain all that when we are independent filmmakers.
Aug 26
Aug 22
Aug 16
Jun 14

Skype competition: Win $20k to create your film

Skype launched   the « Shoot the future competition » for Filmmakers who have projects as short films, Tv reality shows, documentaries..etc All you need to do, is to include skype as part of the format of your film or project, or to highlight how Skype technology helps communication.     Upload both: a) 30 – 60 second pitch, […]
Jun 08
Jun 06
May 20

Why being a filmmaker is a priceless job ?

Have you asked yourself why filmmakers have the coolest job worldwide? Well, if you are confused and still can’t fit in a career path just yet, or if you feel that you need to be part of a shared vision through moving pictures, grab your camera and film ! 1-Sometimes filmmaking is a way to travel for […]
Apr 22


DUBLIN, Ireland — March 11th, 2016 — Irish filmmaker Graham Jones releases a new movie NOLA AND THE CLONES. The indie film tells the story of a prostitute in Dublin who encounters a series of men that appear strikingly similar to one another. Young Irish actress Caoimhe Cassidy (BY THE BOG OF CATS, Abbey Theatre) […]