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Janis Reibschläger Filmmaker & Director at Easy movie school

Jannis is only 20 years old but already reached a great success as a German filmmaker and passionate traveler.

His travel movie “Hyperborea“ was screened in cinemas all over Germany. As he produces most of his films during his travels, he had to develop new concepts and techniques in film making to be able to produce powerful high quality films with lower budget and lightweight gear.

Using his online movie school “Easy Movie School“, he teaches filming techniques to his students & he will be joining our Dahab Film Camp to share with future participants his knowledge in filmmaking.
Janis will be joining Dahab Film Camp to share with you his knowledge in film, and to help you extend your skills in film making in the beautiful Egyptian desert.
What you will gain from this experience?

1)Understanding the film industry and learn basics to shoot a film or video.
2)Networking with other digital nomads in a beautiful set.
3)Understanding the camera tools, and editing softwares (Final Cut Pro)
4)Learning how to debate over different type of movies during film screenings organized for participants.
5)Gaining knowledge on filmmaking from different aspects away from the traditional ways of teaching.
6)Exchanging ideas and developing them with other participants to translate in images and visual stories.
7)Working on your own business ideas through visual stories that can promote your product or service online.

This camp includes accomodation in a 4 stars hotel near CoworkInn Dahab, blue lagoon trip for two days, wild parties in the desert, quad trip and many networking sessions beside airport pick-ups at the first day from Sharm Elsheikh Airport.

Prices are:
-461 euros double room package including all camp services.
-536 euros single room package including all camp services.

Dates: 5-11 March 2017

Find out more about where the event will be hosted below:

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