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Photo by Peter Truckle
Photo credit: Peter Truckle
Dahab Film Camp: A typical film Experience for Digital nomads worldwide

Nomadic Filmland Academy is a filmmaking platform dedicated for world travelers & digital nomads who want to extend their skills in filmmaking, away from  traditional teaching methods. We started creating  film camps in various locations worldwide, including Dahab Film Camp in Egypt, to gather digital nomads with various business ideas & help them kick start their filming & video-making career that might help them share their stories with their online community, showcase their product through a video or a short film, & mostly promote their adventurous experience while co-working with like minded people.


Working remotely is the lifestyle of digital nomads who escape the routine of life to find their perfect spot for finding more inspiration.We chose Dahab, the Egyptian city that gather tourists each year from different world regions, seeking for warm vibes and ways to boost their energy through various water activities, desert escapes & mostly networking with locals & other nationalities.The nomad tribes in the area, could also be a main inspiration for you, if you are welling to build a travel story for your short film. You don’t need to travel solo, inspiration comes from interacting with others!

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