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In a country where most of its southern inhabitants used to lead true nomadic lives, here we come, the digital nomads to Morocco.

Morocco is considered the main link between Europe and Africa and is becoming more and more popular lately as a place to live. Good infrastructure, fast internet, cheap accommodation, easy transport, and great food, which make it the perfect choice to launch a digital nomad expedition before heading to more challenging countries. And somewhere down the coastline, while seeking for a quiet place away from the crowd, we found Taghazout.

This is a small beach town, more of a fishing village, also with a surf spot, where the closest airport is the one of Agadir. Away from big cities and noisy tourist traps, this hidden gem gives you the opportunity to focus, relax and get your productivity started.

Here we stumbled upon the cute co-working space called Sundesk, where the waves of the sea combined with yoga, sun, surf and high – speed wi-fi gave us the perfect spot for setting our adventure. Sundesk co-living and co-working space is located on the top of the village’s high hills. Here you can enjoy the traditional Moroccan breakfast and create a healthy lifestyle while networking and gaining new skills or simply having a break.

More and more, nomads discover those quiet and peaceful places, searching for their little piece of home while on the road, and we have been very lucky to have this opportunity of hosting our event in Taghazout.

Check out the early-bird special to join us at the Taghazout film camp!

See you soon!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ana Dobrevska A nomad traveller, creative writer and an actress with the passion for great adventures



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